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Shortcut your success by getting metrics on your website 📊

Hey, thanks for visiting the blog! Quick heads up - this is a micro-post in a long running series called Your Website Sucks - Let's Fix That. If you find what's written here useful, check it out!

There are no shortage of tools to audit your website. These websites are great as they provide personalized metrics on how to better improve your site's speed, SEO, and much much more. Best of all - they are all free.

In this section I've compiled my favorites - the ones with the most actionable results. Run your website through all of these tools, and then jot down the actions it recommends you to take.

Pingdom is a great start to auditing your website

Be advised - take each recommendation with a grain of salt. Some tools may throw out warnings as a result of small, unimportant errors. But (for instance) if each tool tells you your images are unoptimized, listen!

  • PageSpeed Insights Google's scores are perhaps the most important, as the results directly impact your website's SEO.
  • Website Grader A very simple tool. If you're only looking for a basic look of what you need to improve, use this.
  • Pingdom - A very popular tool with multiple test locations (test your site from multiple of these locations so you get an idea of how your website loads overseas).
  • Woorank - A tool specifically designed for you to take action that will move you up in Google.
  • Unfurls - If you are at all interested in having your website shared on social media, make sure you meet the standards of this tool!

With most of these tools, don't stress about achieving the "A+" rank. Very few websites are able to achieve that. Focus on improving what you have, as moving from a "C" - to a "B" is a lot of effort.

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