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Use Beautiful Typography

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Don't use the default font 🤵

Hey, thanks for visiting the blog! Quick heads up - this is a micro-post in a long running series called Your Website Sucks - Let's Fix That. If you find what's written here useful, check it out!

An eye-catching font is an easy win for your website. There are so many beautiful web-friendly fonts to make use of. And in the land of typography, it doesn't need to be fancy to be effective.

In design, every choice you make is a chance to set yourself apart. For a business, it's your chance to differentiate from the competition. And for artists: that's at the heart of what you do.

You don't need an in-depth knowledge of typography to make a great looking website. Typography has gotten more accessible, and there are many excellent resources for those willing to learn (here's my favorite).

What follows are five of my favorite fonts that I regularly use, due to their readability and distinct styles. Whatever you choose, I highly recommend using a font that reflects the personality of your brand.

Want to curate your own fonts? Do it! Browse Google Fonts, or use creative tools to find the perfect pairing.

The fonts...

Roboto is compact and highly readable.
Montserrat has a bold but approachable feel.
Raleway is elegant with a distinct style.
Open Sans doesn't sacrifice readability for aesthetics. My most used font.
Playfair Display is simply gorgeous, great for styled titles.
Work Sans is another highly readable font with a solid aesthetic.

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