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Go beyond spell check for a better websiteโœ

Hey, thanks for visiting the blog! Quick heads up - this is a micro-post in a long running series called Your Website Sucks - Let's Fix That. If you find what's written here useful, check it out!

The quality of your website's writing is a multiplier for success. And in 2019, there's no shortage of resources to help you improve.

Of course, learning to be a great writer doesn't happen overnight. But a small change each day can make all the difference.

Take the tools presented here as that "small change." They're micro apps designed to fit into your workflow, elevating your writing day by day.


Have a paragraph that's creeping above 100-200 words? Maybe your blog post is getting too wordy? There's an easy solution.

Hemingway spots inefficiency in your writing and keeps you on point. Whenever you're writing and intuit a problem, copy the whole section into Hemingway for instant help.

An example of Hemingway in action


Sometimes you need a second opinion. Typely is not shy of critiquing your writing. It provides useful stats such as reading level, reading time, and much more. As a complex alternative to Hemingway, Typely is fantastic.

A couple of the metrics Typely updates in real time.


Essentially a glorified spellchecker, Grammarly's free plan doesn't offer much. But if you're interested in a dramatic change, it's premium plan is certainly worth a look.

Grammarly's UI is certainly a looker

I recommend double checking all of your website's writing in at least one of these tools. Investing in quality copywriting is a choice you'll never regret. Your website will read more clearly, and you'll be able to communicate much more in fewer words.

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