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Leverage Your Strengths

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Make a website unique with your strongest asset: YOU πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ˆ

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Many folks prefer to hide behind business jargon and the anonymity of their brand. There's certainly a place for this.

But for those struggling to to connect with their audience - don't be afraid to show your face and communicate your story. Showcasing yourself is a chance to differentiate.

In practice, this can range from a full bio, a short blurb, or infusing yourself and your sensibilities into every part of your brand!

Need a better reason? You already know it - people like honesty, and they respond to authenticity. When you put at least a little of the personal side on display, it immediately sets you apart.

(This tip is one of the simplest, but most effective. Leveraging your strengths in any context is an easy win.)

If you're a business, it's often not just you. Your team is as important to customer success as your are. Any website that doesn’t spotlight them is missing out.

More importantly, putting you and your team out there communicates that you are real. Spotlight them - happiness attracts!

A simple example of how to showcase your team

Of course, don't overthink this. You might not feel comfortable putting yourself out there. Take small steps, do what feels right, and perhaps revisit this later. There are other easy wins for your website if this is a big commitment.

At its core, putting yourself out there is about honesty. Don't pretend to be something you're not, even online.

I'll end with a couple examples of how you might showcase yourself online:

Alexander Lam's bio is his website. And it works!
Rob Walling's homepage is short, to the point, and a great model for anyone's bio.
Tim Ferris's credentials are impressive, and his bio is a great model for those with an accomplished career.
Love what Ethan is doing with Kanbanmail. It's honest and to the point.

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