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Your Website Sucks, Let's Fix That

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A path to improvement for website owners 🔨✨

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Complex problems 🤔

There are a lot of bad websites. Even more mediocre ones. Why?

As the modern web grows more complicated, the number of ways to fail has increased. Navigating all of the potential issues is tricky.

A website becomes bad when it has too many of these problems. Some are obvious, others more subtle:

  • Slow loading times
  • Obnoxious popups
  • Uninspired writing
  • Buried contact information
  • Dozens of useless pages
  • Lack of mobile support
  • Dense company jargon
  • Bad photos
  • Ugly colors
  • Unclear pricing
  • Boring company history
  • There are so many....

Any of these sound familiar? I bet they do, almost everyone has been frustrated encountering these.

At best, websites with glaring issues scream mediocre. At worst, bad websites scar visitors with terrible first impressions.

Maybe you're a website owner with these problems. Don't worry - it's not a unique situation. Large businesses and successful creatives around the world suffer from terrible websites.

These problems take talent to navigate. Designing a website requires knowledge from multiple domains (programming, writing, design, etc.) and many folks underestimate the skills required. And unlike popular belief, you can't always do it yourself.

Although hard skills can't be learned overnight, you can teach yourself a surprising amount in a short time. And if you need help, just ask!

Let's be real - your website could be better. It might not be terrible, but it almost certainly has real issues. Let's fix that.

(Need a web designer? I'm available for hire on redesigns and new builds.)

The way forward 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Solving these issues can seem difficult. Where do you start? Some problems are so glaring that they ruin the entire experience, where others are more subtle.

It doesn't have to be this way. Many businesses are killing it. It's not expensive either. You can DIY for next-to-nothing, or hire a designer for whatever your budget may be.

Before we begin, make sure you know what a good website looks like. Particularly if you are doing this yourself. There are so many ordinary websites, it's important to know how to stand out. You may be surprised by what's possible!

Here's a couple places to browse:

  • HeyNishi Knockout websites with a knack for copywriting. If your website's writing is boring, look for inspiration here.
  • One Page Love Great websites done in just one page. This is my own personal preference when designing budget websites, so I highly recommend a look. Many websites can accomplish as much in one page as they do in half a dozen.
  • Land-book If I had to pick one, this collection has the most consistently beautiful pages. Really great stuff.
  • My Own Personal List If you know of a kick-ass website, let me know! I love showcasing beautiful stuff.

Once you have some ideas of what you'd like to change (or if a complete redesign may be necessary), it's time to create an actionable plan.

How to create a great website 🚀🥇

To start, you need a roadmap! Not just a tedious checklist (these can be helpful), but a personalized plan for success. That's where this series of posts comes in.

Over the next few months, I'm publishing a series of articles detailing micro-projects: small tasks designed to improve a specific weakness of your website. You'll be able to take these projects at your own pace, and start with what you feel confident in. A couple ways you can leverage these:

  • Use and copy into a blueprint for a redesign of an old website.
  • Use to inform an ongoing effort of improvement.
  • Implement in a few critical areas that need improvement, and then get back to your business.

Creating something awesome takes commitment, but it's worth the effort. The pace and breadth of this project is up to you. The choice is yours.

(This series of articles is constantly evolving and always open to improvement. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected]. I'm available to chat.)

Kickass Website Design (The list)

The full list, will be isn't out yet, but will be soon! (Links coming as they are published).

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Cheers, 🍻

- Josh @kraahkan

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