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Make a website a caveman could understand 🍌

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People care about what they want. Not always what they need.

Don't waste your time convincing people why they need what you have to offer. Ask yourself: "why should they care?" Then lead with how you're offering improves their life.

Find what primal desires your website can connect with. Here are just a few:

  • Survival
  • Protection
  • Freedom
  • Comfort
  • Pleasure
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Likability
  • More here!

Another way to think about this is in the context of storytelling. People respond to situations they can imagine themselves in. Or put another way, things a caveman would understand.

How does this change your website? Tweak you language in a way that communicates the value you bring.

If you find it hard to communicate this, check out some folks who I believe do this well. Here's some primal language in action:*

The Sill

* Special thanks to Miguel Ferreira of HeyNishi for curating these amazing examples of primal language.

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