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Pay Attention To The Competition

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Your website shouldn't reinvent the wheel, so look to the stars ๐Ÿ”ญ

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Whether you're an artist, writer, or business - you're always in competition. It could be for people's money, but it's always for their attention.

Competition doesn't feel like a gift. It's great for the customer, but is often more work for you. You've got to stand out, differentiate yourself, and make yourself heard among many other other voices.

Despite this, it isn't all bad. Websites are a window into your competition's strengths and weaknesses. If you pay careful attention, their websites are an opportunity to discover your weaknesses and improve.

A shortcut for success

A competitor's website can be a roadmap for success, or an example of what not to do. By observing what other folks are doing online, you can learn from their mistakes and take note of their strengths.

The easiest way to get started? Look at what your competitors are bragging about. If you have similar (or better!) metrics, say so!

Also be sure to read between the lines. Be aware of what your competitors aren't talking about - it might be an opportunity to set yourself apart.

Other folks like Mukund Mohan can explain this in great detail.

To improve your website, search the websites of folks who have "made it" and deconstruct them. Find local examples close to your domain, and global winners. Treat them as potential models of success, and ask yourself the following:

  • How do they phrase the problem they are trying to solve?
  • What "better life" are they offering in relation to the problem?
  • Are there specific keywords/phrases they are all using?
  • What metrics do they talk about?
  • Here's some more...
Despite everything I mention here, heed the advice in this excellent article.

Figure out what you do best, and state it in a concise and positive way. You donโ€™t always have to make direct comparisons (although it can be great for SEO). Just make sure youโ€™re focusing on your strengths rather than someone elseโ€™s faults.

More broadly, this is advice is about looking beyond yourself for help. Talk to people just a few steps ahead and get their insight. Mentors are an amazing shortcut.

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