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Define Your Conversion

Your Website Sucks Marketing 2 min read

Before you design a website, get clear on your goal 🎯

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Why make a website in the first place? Many folks know intuitively, but it's important to know for yourself.

Here's a couple common answers you're likely to have:

  • "To get more customers"
  • "To share my art"
  • "Grow an email list"
  • "Showcase my portfolio"
  • Many more...

The answer is likely personal, and it's important to define it. However, if your answer doesn't go beyond what listed above, it's not enough. You need something better.

All of the above desires are great. But they're not specific enough to get any results. "Getting more customers" isn't a plan, it's a goal. If that's where the planning for your website ends, you're doomed to fail.

It's time to define success

Every successful website is built around a call to action. Or put another way, a conversion. It's most often a button representing the action we'd like a potential customer (or website visitor) to take. It's your definition of success.

(Those of you already versed in these terms - forgive any minor inaccuracies. I'm keeping it simple).

A few well designed social CTAs

Let's say your an artist - people looking at your portfolio is not your conversion. You want your audience to take action: buy your album, see you on tour, etc. A better conversion might be to "join us on social media", or "subscribe to my newsletter".

No matter your context - build your website with a specific action in mind. Getting a customer doesn't end with them visiting your website. It's a phone call, email, booking... however your business operates. So many websites aren't clear on prompting their visitors to take the next step. Make it easy!

Hotjar gives you the tools to track the success of your call-to-action

Here's some good call to actions:

  • Sign up for my email list
  • Send us an email
  • Call Now
  • Book now (If your budget allows for it, I recommend directing them here)
  • More in action here

Consider your call to action your last word, final note, or the end all. It's the entire point of your website. If something on your website doesn't contribute to convincing folks to click a call-to action, axe it.

Call to actions should be bright, so they draw a user's attention.

There's a lot more to say on call-to-actions, so if you have some time I recommend studying from the best. The best way to learn is with great examples in mind.

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Cover photo by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

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