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Your website should be a positive first impression ⭐

Hey, thanks for visiting the blog! Quick heads up - this is a micro-post in a long running series called Your Website Sucks - Let's Fix That. If you find what's written here useful, check it out!

Humans are visual creatures. And with the number of boring websites online, you can easily set yourself apart by being visual.

There's no shortage of ways to do this. Have a look at the link if you're in need of ideas. But in this article I'll focus on one of the fastest.

Implementing icons is an easy win. They're a fun visual aid which immediately make your website easy to scan. Like using bullet points, icons make anything you write digestible and more engaging.

Libraries like IcoFont make doing this a breeze. Here's how I use them on my portfolio:

From my portfolio

Icons can be visual flair in endless contexts. Categories, buttons, labels - get creative! They make your content easily scannable, and interesting to look at.

I also highly recommend Fontawesome

If you're creating something personal - a great alternative to icons are emojis. They're more universal, and great for speaking to your audience in a casual context. Plugins like Emoji CSS enable your website to display them anywhere (even traditionally unsupported platforms like Windows 7).

The research on emojis is also surprising* (they're more than funny pictures):

- Looking at a smiley face seems to be equivalent to seeing a human face in real life.

- They improve enjoyment, and the perceived richness of your messaging.

- 92% of people use emojis.

Doubting the professionalism? Don't fret, brands across the globe appreciate the power of emojis.

That said, this isn't a universal. If your business requires absolute professionalism, perhaps steer clear (icons are just as good). And if you suspect your specific audience isn't a great match, don't sweat it.

*Special thanks to Neil Patel for curating the sources for the emoji studies.

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